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Anxiety Counselling in Calgary 

Helping you find freedom and relief.

Social anxiety therapy for young adults in Calgary

It feels like you lose control when anxiety takes over.

Counselling for anxiety and woman using phone

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and unable to relax?


You try to stop it, but your thoughts can spin in an endless reel of worrying things will go bad or get worse.


Sometimes you feel restless, tense, run down, on edge, or irritable.

You might have trouble concentrating, be emotionally reactive, always check your phone, or mindlessly scroll to avoid thinking or feeling.

Anxiety often shows up in your body. Maybe you have:

  • headaches

  • chest pain

  • racing heart

  • dry mouth
  • stomachaches


You replay the past, forecast the future, and rehearse the next event.


You wish you could trust yourself and others

Anxiety is a protective emotional, physical, and mental reaction to stress.

Anxiety is your body's attempt to keep you safe from threat.


Everyone experiences anxiety. It's why you're cautious when you drive, cross the road, and are alerted by signs of danger. 


Over time, your body might have learnt to be overly attentive to signs of threat.


Anxiety can show up in a lot of different ways and seek your constant attention.  


Many people experience different types of anxiety at home, work, and school:

  • social anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • performance anxiety

  • phobias and compulsions

  • health anxiety


It's common to feel guilt and shame, and withdraw from relationships and activities.

An anxiety therapist can help you understand your symptoms and rewire your brain's warning system.​

Anxiety counselling can help you get curious about your fears. 

Health anxiety counselling for adults and teens in a group

You can understand the root of your worries and responses.

Life doesn't have to be so exhausting. You can live with more ease and manage difficulties with greater flexibility and resilience.


You can feel safe in your own body again.

When you accept your anxiety, you can listen to your brain's messages, and act instead of react.

It is possible to make decisions based on preference, not fear.

You can tolerate change and move forward with confidence to create the life you really want.​

What if you could...

  • feel more energized

  • rest and sleep easily

  • believe in yourself

  • find peace and calm

  • trust your judgment

A good therapist helps you work with your anxiety, not get rid of it.

Anxiety can be helpful in the right amounts.

You can learn to identify your body's warning signs, increase safety, and soothe unhelpful or excessive anxiety.

Counselling gives you a space to explore your anxious voice with mindfulness to build self-awareness.

Anxiety therapy can help you:

  • quiet your mind and think clearly

  • make decisions for yourself

  • calm your brain and body

  • create new ways of thinking

  • stay in control and practice courage

At Therapy Alberta, we believe your body knows best how to protect you. We just help you feel more safe, more often.

Woman in anxiety counselling in Calgary & Alberta

You can expect to develop a plan with your counsellor to manage your anxiety symptoms.


You can make sense of your reactions, settle your fears, practice new skills, highlight your strengths, and take back control.

All of our anxiety therapists prioritize creating a supportive therapeutic space with you.

​We will come alongside you with kindness and compassion to help you achieve the relief you are looking for. 

Some approaches to anxiety counselling include:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Re-processing Therapy (EMDR)

  • Mindfulness Therapy

  • Narrative Therapy

We offer in person and online counselling so you can connect to an anxiety therapist anywhere in Calgary and Alberta.

The best therapist to meet your unique needs might live in a different area.


We love online anxiety therapy because it's convenient and flexible.

You'll love online counselling if you are:

  • a little nervous about going to a new place

  • most comfortable in your own space

  • familiar with phone or video meetings

  • okay skipping the waiting room and office

We build great relationships online and sometimes the distance makes it a little easier to connect.


Our therapists offer evening and weekend appointments to fit your lifestyle.

Black Woman in Online Counselling Calgary & Alberta.webp

It's time to take control of your anxiety.

You might still have some questions or concerns about anxiety counselling...

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a protective emotional, physical, and mental reaction to stress. When your body perceives danger, it warns you in an attempt to keep you safe. Overtime, you might become overly alert to signs of danger, or things that were once unsafe but aren't anymore.

What is the brain's warning system?

First coined by Dr. Dan Siegel, the Window of Tolerance (WoT) posits that everyone has an optimal window of arousal where they can function and process their experiences in a calm, cool, and collected manner. Stress or threat can push you outside this window and into automatic survival states of hyperarousal or hypoarousal. Many symptoms of anxiety correspond with hyperarousal, including racing thoughts, speech, and heartrate.

Won’t focusing on my anxiety only make it worse?

No, avoiding your anxiety is actually what makes it worse! The more you attempt to ignore your anxiety, the louder it gets. It can feel scary to navigate through something that feels dangerous, but your anxiety will not hurt you. Seeking support and focusing on your anxiety with a trained and compassionate therapist will help in the long run. Working with a counsellor will allow you to explore and manage your anxiety at the pace that feels safe for you. 

Should I take medication for anxiety?

At Therapy Alberta we believe in a whole person approach to mental health. While research has established therapy is more effective than medication for anxiety, it is important to remember your situation is unique and a combination of therapy and medication may be what works best for you. You can talk to your doctor about medication. Therapy can be effective for people who do not respond well to medication or prefer not to take it. 

How much does anxiety counselling cost?

Our anxiety therapy sessions are $220 with a Psychologist or Social Worker with direct billing for most insurance companies, or a receipt to claim for re-imbursement or as a medical expense on your taxes. Anxiety counselling sessions with a Certified Canadian Counsellor are $180; check with your insurance to confirm coverage for mental health counselling. Sliding scale fees are available.

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