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Grief Counselling in Calgary 

Helping you find a new normal

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Your life has changed forever.

Loss & grief counselling in Calgary for families

Your loss has left a hole in your life and you feel torn apart.

You can't go back and you struggle to imagine a better future.

Sometimes you feel empty, tired, angry or disconnected.


You replay moments, retell stories, regret missed opportunities, and grieve lost dreams.

Maybe you:

  • withdraw

  • can't sleep

  • worry a lot

  • feel depressed

  • don't want to feel better

Maybe you're afraid one day you'll forget the sound of their voice, or the good memories are mixed up with painful ones.

Grief is the internal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual response to loss and death.

Grief is complicated, and it's normal.


Everything is different now, and will never be the same again.

Suffering can feel lonely when you're told to keep busy, be grateful, and other unhelpful things.


Responses to grief vary based on circumstances, personality, culture, relationship, support, trauma and stress.

You don't have to:

  • let go

  • move on

  • find closure

  • put it in the past

  • control your emotions

A grief therapist can help you travel your journey of loss.

Couple grieving and hugging after loss of child

Grief counselling allows you to explore and share your experience of sadness and everything else.

After grief therapy for mother and son on beach

You can listen and move through your feelings of sorrow.


Some days all you can do is find a reason to put your feet on the floor and get out of bed.

Other days you will find new meaning and hope.

It is possible to look forward to the good that is yet to be.

When you embrace all of your feelings including sadness and fear, you also create space for happiness and peace.​

You can remember and smile.

What if you could...

  • create meaningful rituals

  • find your new normal

  • feel connected again

  • laugh without guilt

  • live with purpose

A good grief therapist will sit with you in the darkness and confusion.

As you build trust in your counsellor and yourself, you can gain confidence to allow your experience.


You can explore your emotions, thoughts, and sensations in a compassionate space where there is no judgment or pressure to change.

Grief counselling can help you care for yourself with patience and curiosity and feel light again.

Grief therapy can help you:

  • acknowledge your new reality

  • feel your loss and pain

  • share stories and memories

  • search for meaning

  • ask for and receive help

  • develop a new self-identity

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At Therapy Alberta, we will honor your story and walk alongside you in your grief journey.

Sisters hugging and sharing grief and mourning on beach

You can expect your counsellor to help you move through the transformative process of grief.


In grief therapy, we will hold space for all parts of your experience

We can help you shift your relationship from reliving to remembering.

There is no best way or model that guides grief - you will have your own responses, needs, and tools for coping and healing.​

You can feel safe to share your grief and mourn in external expressions of grief.​

We offer in person and online counselling so you can connect to a therapist anywhere in Calgary and across Alberta.

The best therapist to meet your unique needs might live in a different area.


We love online therapy because it's convenient and flexible.

You'll love online therapy if you are:

  • a little nervous about going to therapy

  • most comfortable in your own space

  • choosing a therapist based on your preferences

  • okay skipping the drive and physical meeting

We build great relationships online and sometimes the distance makes it a little easier to explore and process vulnerable parts of your grief.


Our therapists offer evening and weekend appointments to fit your lifestyle.

Online Counselling Calgary & Alberta

You can create a life you look forward to again.

You might still have some questions or concerns about grief counselling...

Meet our featured Grief Counsellor:

Malisa Grief Counsellor Calgary.jpg


I create a safe and welcoming space where each person can freely share their thoughts and feelings and explore their stories.

Book a free consultation today.

What is grief and mourning?

Grief is the internal physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual response to death and loss. Mourning is the external response to death and loss, often seen in actions, outward signs, rituals, ceremonies, and traditions. Grief is individual, while mourning is shown and shared.​

What is complicated grief?

Some people label grief as complicated when a person experiences prolonged effects after loss. In reality, there are many things that complicate grief including traumatic circumstances, relationship to the person, culture, personality, family support, external responses, spirituality, isolation and avoidance. Grief requires a person to go into anxiety, depression, and loss of control - this is all a normal part of the process if you allow yourself to feel and move through them.​

Are there stages of grief?

Some people and clinicians theorize there are stages that people pass through when experiencing grief. However, two people's experiences of grief are never the same, and even one person's responses to grief vary immensely between situations. Grief is not linear, nor is it predictable.

Is grief counselling just for death?

Change, loss, death and dying can all bring up responses of grief within our bodies and minds. Grief counselling can help if you lost a child, partner, sibling, parent, or pet, and it can also help if you experienced grief after illness, natural disaster, job loss or retirement.

How long does grief last?

How long will you continue to live and love? Grief is not meant to be resolved. Grief will last as long as you feel a response to your loss; however, the distress caused by your grief will last until you allow your responses and move through them to reconcile your loss with your new reality.

How much does grief counselling cost?

Our grief therapy sessions are $220 with a Psychologist or Social Worker with direct billing for most insurance companies, or a receipt to claim for re-imbursement or as a medical expense on your taxes. Grief counselling sessions with a Certified Canadian Counsellor are $180; check with your insurance to confirm coverage for mental health counselling. Sliding scale fees are available.

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