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Spoken Word: Therapy

Updated: May 16, 2023



Going to therapy is hard

Talking to a stranger

Saying what’s wrong with me

Maybe it’s all in my head

Memories haunting my mind

Thoughts are spinning

Endless reel of worrying

Pressure in my chest, squeezing

My breath hastens, slams

My heart races, pounds

Parts of me fight to take the wheel

Muscles are tight, tingling

So much tension, I can’t relax

My body tremors

Shutting down

I’d reach out but the voices say

I don’t deserve it

It’s not that bad

No one cares

Why bother trying

I can do it myself

I can’t afford it

I don’t know how

It’s too late

I don’t have time

I’ve already tried

I can’t feel anything

I’m fine

I shove things down

It’s been so long

I should be over it by now

It’s my fault anyway

I don’t want to cry

I’m so alone

Tired of suffering

I’m scared

I want to hide

It’s pointless

It’s killing me

I’d rather die

I want to live

I need relief

I just want to be free

Relate in harmony

Be happy, angry, sad, at peace

Respond appropriately

Feel all the things

Be all the things

And still be okay

I’m not okay

I need help

I need to talk to someone

I’m a therapist, I’ve been there too

A wounded healer

Asking what happened to you

Tracing scars from hidden injuries

Some are still bleeding

I hear your anxious part pleading

See the danger circling

It’s meant to keep you safe and sound

Sometimes the alarms go off so loud

It’s deafening

They’re just trying to protect you

Past reactions of fight or flee

Your body wants to act

You can shake it off

Empower your defenses

Quiet the chaos

Not let shame silence you

Your story matters

I’m on your side

You’re worth the while

It’s not a one-person job

We’ll figure it out

I’ll guide the way

Now’s the perfect time

I’ll meet you online

We’ll do it differently

Everyone dissociates

We pretend to be okay

Bury the pain beneath

Time doesn’t heal all wounds

You can’t just get over it

You reflect the trauma

That needs to release

It hurts to connect

But the feelings have meaning

I can help you regulate

Create safety and calm

Find hope within

Transform the torment

Hang on to healing

Trust your instincts

Slow down and breathe

Take back control

Love and be loved

Be emotionally healthy

Stay present in the moment

Meet your body’s needs

Embrace exactly who you are

Thrive through life’s stresses

You are going to be okay

I’m right here

I’m listening

Carol is a psychologist and the founder of Therapy Alberta, a private group practice with local psychologists, social workers, and counsellors offering individual, couples, and family counselling and therapy in Calgary and across Alberta.


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