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Therapy Alberta Social Media Policy

Therapy Alberta is committed to preserving safe therapeutic relationships as well as protecting client privacy and confidentiality. This policy outlines recommendations for use of Social Media. Please read it carefully and feel free to bring up questions with your therapist or our team.


Social media is a popular way for people to communicate, network, and connect. Our team will participate in Therapy Alberta’s social networks (including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) for marketing and informational purposes. Therapists are expected to maintain professional and ethical behavior on social media. Our team members may have their own personal pages on social media. Please do not search for their personal profiles so they can maintain personal privacy.


Social media presents challenges for maintaining anonymity and professional boundaries. We will not ask and do not expect clients to like or follow our pages. Before following or liking our pages, and before liking or commenting on posts, consider carefully if you want your personal name associated publicly with our page. Consider who might potentially see your interactions (now and in the future). Clients are free to tell whomever they choose about their therapist and therapy; however, it is important to make this decision with an informed understanding of the potential results.


Our team will not share private information about clients or sessions on social media. We will not make or accept friend or connection requests from current or former clients. If a therapist discovers they have accidentally established an online relationship with a client, it will be immediately removed and if therapy is ongoing, it will be discussed at the next therapy session. Our team will not follow client pages and will not view clients’ online activities without prior arrangement for a specific purpose, which will form a part of the client’s file. If the client feels aspects of their online life are relevant to therapy, they may bring this up in session with their therapist.


Social media is not a secure or private means to communicate with our team. Please do not attempt to contact Therapy Alberta or your therapist with questions via social media comments, posts, or messages. Please call us at 403-713-0163 or visit our Contact page to communicate with us.


Search Engines

Our team will not use search engines to look for or gather information about clients before or during therapy. Please do not search for your therapist’s personal information online. Please visit Therapy Alberta’s website to find information about our services and therapists.


Therapy Reviews and Testimonials

Therapists are prohibited from soliciting or using client reviews and testimonials. Sites such as Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other third-party websites list businesses for users to provide reviews. These sites may automatically list our services without our direct approval. Posting a review means you are exposing your personal information and making public your connection as a client. To maintain client confidentiality, we cannot respond in any way to reviews. If you have a concern about your therapist or therapy experience, it is best to discuss this with your therapist, Therapy Alberta admin or owner, or through the appropriate reporting process with your therapist’s professional regulating body.


This Policy may be amended from time to time. We recommend users periodically review this Policy to ensure they are notified of any updates. Last updated June 24, 2022


Thank you for reviewing our policy. We welcome your questions, please contact us.

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