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Danielle Morran (she/her),
Anxiety Therapist Calgary


Anxiety counsellor for adults & teens in Calgary & Alberta

It's time to feel in control and free.

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Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or disconnected?

Are you tired of worrying about everything and trying to make everyone else happy?

Maybe you're struggling with stress, low self-esteem, or emotional dysregulation.

I work with adults and youth who are stuck in a cycle of anxiety and frustration.

My name is Danielle Morran, Certified Canadian Counsellor and Anxiety Therapist. I am Canadian (of Ukrainian and Scottish origins) and live on Treaty 7 land in Chestermere.

I offer individual and family therapy to help people gain clarity and live with more joy and ease.

I welcome you to feel comfort and safety when sharing your story. I will hold space for your experiences, hopes, and uncertainties, without judgment

Anxiety and stress can prevent you from showing up in your life the way you want to. Your emotions might get the best of you, and your relationships might feel strained.

I believe everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have. You have already overcome so many obstacles in your life. Even though you are doing your best, you may still be struggling.

I specialize in helping teens, adults, and families struggling with anxiety, stress, and interpersonal conflict to feel free to begin living the fulfilling and authentic life you desire.

I believe change happens in a kind, compassionate, and collaborative relationship. I will work with you to explore your struggles and highlight your strengths. I offer you a place to be yourself, and feel heard, seen, and accepted.

I practice with a strength-based relational focus, prioritizing the therapeutic relationship with you, building trust and creating safety. I am committed to coming alongside you in your unique journey of healing, growth and change with curiosity, empathy, and understanding to help you navigate life's challenges.


When we work together, my goal is to develop an authentic connection, providing a new experience that empowers you with more clarity, choice, and control. You can learn to manage your emotions and develop new patterns to help feel better now and face future challenges with confidence.


It can be hard to find someone that understands your pain and loneliness. You do not need to walk this journey alone - I would be honored to walk alongside you.

More than just my work:

  1. A quote I like: "The journey matters more than the destination." - Tony Fahkry. In my life, motherhood, career, all of it, the journey is of upmost importance. Living in the moment to be able to enjoy this journey we call life and soak it in. The journey isn't always enjoyable but I am ever so grateful for the learning, the growth and the joy.

  2. What brings you a sense of ease? Organization and a clean house, there is just something about sitting down on the couch and enjoying the 5 seconds of a clean house before my toddler undoes my effort!

  3. Something fun or interesting: I can't name the artist or song title of most songs but can some how sing every word. I love to travel and I have had the honor to see 16 different countries and I got married in the Philippines.

Danielle worked for 7 years with Carya Calgary, first as a youth facilitator, then family counsellor and functional family therapist, and most recently as a Clinical Lead Supervisor. She has practiced mental health therapy in short term, intensive, in-home, office and virtual settings. 

* Accepting new clients * Complimentary 20 minute consultation * Evenings & Weekends *


  • Anxiety

  • Attachment

  • Emotions

  • Family conflict

  • Life transitions

  • Parenting

  • Self-esteem

  • Stress


  • Master of Counselling (University of Victoria)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (Mount Royal University)

  • Functional Family Therapy & Supervisory Training

  • Brain Story Certification

  • Psychological First Aid

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