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Trauma Counselling in Calgary 

Helping you understand and heal your pain

Woman in trauma therapy Calgary & Alberta

Your life feels really hard sometimes.

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You are dealing with so much, and holding everything together as best you can.

Behind closed doors and closed eyes, you are struggling. Even when it seems like things are fine, you are hurting inside. And you can’t stop it, no matter what you’ve tried.


Sometimes you feel exhausted, confused, angry, empty or crazy.

Trauma responses can show up in a lot of different ways and places.

Maybe you:

  • are losing sleep

  • feel sensitive or on guard

  • avoid people or places

  • get angry or cry easily

  • feel disconnected

  • have unexplained pain

You want to believe it isn’t your fault, yet you still blame yourself.

Trauma is anything that overwhelms a person's internal capacity to cope.

Everyone experiences events differently.


If your brain perceives threat or harm and is prevented from releasing the stress after, the effects of the trauma can linger in your body long-term.


You can experience trauma in many different situations:

  • work or social settings

  • intimate relationships

  • childhood or family of origin

  • physical or sexual encounters

  • injuries or car accidents

Sometimes we don't even remember our traumas or believe we experienced trauma.


Trauma is often hidden because we learned to protect and quiet our pain.

A trauma therapist can help you figure out why you do what you do, what happened to you, and how you learned to cope with stress and trauma.

Sitting in mindfulness in trauma counselling

Trauma counselling can help you make sense of your experiences and find a new way forward. 

Woman in online trauma therapy Calgary

You can gain awareness, respond instead of reacting, and feel open and free again.

Life doesn't have to be so overwhelming. You can live with more ease, create space in your day for what makes you smile, and manage difficulties with greater control and compassion.

Trauma can silence you and take away your power.

When you understand your emotions and sensations, you can welcome them and listen to their message.

It is possible to find your voice, express yourself in creative ways, and trust your own judgment.

You can wake up looking forward to your day, and go to sleep feeling calm and peaceful.​

What if you could...

  • forget anniversaries

  • relax in your body

  • laugh more often

  • allow yourself to rest

  • be kind to yourself

A good trauma therapist helps you feel at ease, even when you're working on hard things.

You can feel confident moving forward as you build trust in your therapist and yourself.


Trauma counselling gives you a space to explore your beliefs, stories, and habits with curiosity.

Trauma therapy can help you:

  • connect body and mind

  • embrace your strengths

  • practice new skills

  • release old patterns

  • meet your needs

Man in online trauma therapy Calgary & Alberta

At Therapy Alberta, you don't have to relive or ignore your past - we do what works best for you.

A safe counselling space for the rollercoaster of emotions

You can expect to develop a plan with your trauma counsellor where you feel safe to focus on whatever you choose - past, present, or future.


Many types of therapy do not require you tell your story or talk about your trauma. 

All of our trauma therapists prioritize creating a supportive therapeutic space with you.

​When you’re ready to try therapy (or try again), you can build a relationship with a trauma-informed therapist who values whole person care. You're human first and what you're struggling with doesn't define you. 

Some approaches to trauma counselling include:

We offer online and in person counselling so you can connect to a therapist anywhere in Calgary and across Alberta.

The best therapist to meet your unique needs might live in a different area.


We love online therapy because it's convenient and flexible.

You'll love online therapy if you are:

  • a little nervous about going to therapy

  • most comfortable in your own space

  • choosing a therapist based on your preferences

  • okay skipping the drive and physical meeting

We build great relationships online and sometimes the distance makes it a little easier to explore and process vulnerable parts of your trauma.


Our therapists offer evening and weekend appointments to fit your lifestyle.

Smiling Woman in online trauma counselling

You don't just have to keep pushing through.

You might still have some questions or concerns about trauma counselling...

What is trauma?

Trauma is anything that overwhelms a person's internal capacity to cope. Everyone experiences events differently, and if threat or harm is perceived and prevents the body or mind from integrating or releasing the stress, the effects of the trauma can linger for decades.


What is a trauma-informed therapist?

Trauma-informed therapists understand the impact of negative experiences on a person’s body and mind. They recognize your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are the ways you have learned to cope with stress and trauma. They know how to facilitate recovery, and practice in a way that reduces the likelihood of causing further harm. Trauma-informed therapists provide safety and choice at every step of the process and prioritize building a secure therapeutic relationship - the basis for healing.

What is whole person care?

We see your whole person – mind, body, emotion and identities. How you respond now makes sense when you consider the whole picture, including your past and present relationships. No one develops alone without the influence of other people, culture, society, and history, so of course we need help learning to grow in new ways. That's why we're here for you.

How much does trauma counselling cost?

Our trauma therapy sessions are $220 with a Psychologist or Social Worker with direct billing for most insurance companies, or a receipt to claim for re-imbursement or as a medical expense on your taxes. Trauma counselling sessions with a Certified Canadian Counsellor are $180; check with your insurance to confirm coverage for mental health counselling. Sliding scale fees are available.

Meet our featured Trauma Therapist in Calgary:

Elizabeth Muia Psychologist & Counsellor Calgary.webp


I care, accept, and value each person I work with and strive to create an environment where you are comfortable and safe to be whoever you are, wherever you are, in your journey. Book a free consultation today.

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