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CBT Therapy in Calgary 

Transform your thoughts and your life

Happy woman in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Calgary

Are you stuck in a loop of repeating thoughts?

Smiling Couple on Couch in CBT Therapy

Your mind plays a crucial role in shaping your emotions, behaviors, and overall well-being.

Negative thoughts can lead to self-blame, avoidance, insomnia or isolation.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed, worried, tense or exhausted.


Sometimes you react in ways that don't make sense.

Your thoughts affect both your mental, emotional and physical health.

You might show signs of:

  • persistent negative thinking

  • anxiety-driven behaviors

  • physical symptoms of stress

  • excessive worry or indecisiveness

  • difficulty managing emotions

Your symptoms are a sign your body wants to communicate unresolved distress.

CBT Therapy is an evidence-based approach to guide individuals through positive cognitive and behavioral change.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a practical, goal-oriented approach to mental health.

CBT considers the interplay between your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

By identifying your thoughts and behaviors, you can gain insight into your habits and patterns.

When you know better, you can do better.

Establishing a connection between your thoughts, emotions and actions can help you:

  • enhance self-awareness

  • regulate your emotions

  • reframe negative thoughts

  • cultivate acceptance

  • build resilience


A CBT therapist can empower you to develop effective coping strategies for your specific issues.

Professional Man at Work smiling

Working with a skilled CBT therapist can help you get out of negative cycles and create positive change.

Portrait of a Smiling Woman after CBT Therapy

You can overcome old thought patterns and live in the present moment.

When you choose your thoughts, you are free to develop new, healthier responses.

Your mind is powerful - you are capable of transforming your thoughts and life with new habits.

You can feel confident, balanced and optimistic.

It is possible to live mindfully and cultivate a daily practice to meet your goals.

What if you could...

  • feel in control

  • gain new perspectives

  • calm your mind

  • overcome challenges

  • trust your abilities

A skilled CBT therapist helps you explore and reshape your thought processes.

Cognitive behavioral therapy allows you to learn and practice coping skills and techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and other challenges.


CBT therapy gives you a space to build a safe therapeutic relationship characterized by trust, collaboration, and problem-solving.


You are encouraged to take an active role in your therapy and clarify your needs and preferences.

CBT can help if you are struggling with:

Two Smiling Young Women after therapy

We offer in person and online services so you can connect to a CBT therapist anywhere in Calgary and across Alberta.

Woman on laptop in CBT therapy online from home

You can find a good fit with a therapist regardless of your location in Alberta. 

We love online therapy for its convenience and flexibility. CBT therapy is effective both in person and online. Physical proximity is not a requirement.

You'll find online therapy beneficial if you are:​

  • apprehensive about in-person sessions

  • prefer the comfort of your own space

  • seeking a therapist based on compatibility

  • don't want to deal with the commute

We build great relationships online and sometimes the distance makes it easier to feel comfortable.


Our therapists offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments to fit your lifestyle.

You can break free from limitations.

Meet our featured CBT Therapist in Calgary:

Elizabeth Psychologist Calgary.jpg



Book a free consultation today.

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