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Compassionate Counselling in Calgary

We want you to feel good about therapy.

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Sometimes life can be confusing or overwhelming.

We get it. 

You work hard to manage everything that's going on inside and out.

When you join us for a counselling session, we help slow things down. 


We love meeting with adults and teens and creating a space where you can better understand yourself, how you show up, and what’s influenced you. You can gain curiosity, insight, and trust in yourself as you make sense of what’s going on now and find a clear way forward.

We want to make going to therapy easier for you.

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At Therapy Alberta, we do things differently. 

We want you to feel comfortable talking about anything and everything. We are compassionate counsellors who care about building a great relationship with you where you can feel seen, heard, accepted, believed, and understood.

We’re not here to judge or tell you what to do.

We have all struggled and been to therapy because we’re human too. We’ve done the work ourselves, and believe how you think, feel, and behave now is how you learned to cope with stress. Everything you do helped you at some point in your life.

You don't have to keep doing something that isn't working for you anymore.

We want to help you embrace the strength you already have within, transform old patterns, and create new ways to live your life with more ease.

We are a diverse and inclusive team of therapists based in Calgary and serving all of Alberta.

We are passionate about helping people in our communities.

Hello! I'm Carol, registered psychologist, owner, and founder of Therapy Alberta.


I am honored to gather a group of caring therapists who are committed to doing good.

We have a mission to improve mental health and mental health care in Alberta.


Healing can happen within the individual and in the community; our goal is to decrease stigma around mental health and therapy. 

Our vision is to connect you to high-quality, safe, effective, and affirming online counselling wherever you live. 

We serve the big cities across Alberta, but also and small and rural communities.

We are committed to decreasing barriers for members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and people from BIPOC origins. You can find a good therapist who understands your unique needs.

Our core values include compassion, accessibility, excellence, socially conscious service, and whole person care.

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We believe in the power of good therapy.

We want you to feel good about therapy.


You can feel good about the fact you are going to counselling, that you appreciate and are gaining trust in your therapist, and that you think therapy is good and helpful. 

We want to offer you the dignity of believing you are okay as you are, and the respect of client-centered therapy geared to your unique needs and preferences.

Everyone deserves personalized care. We'll get to know you and help you feel more connected with yourself and those around you.

Our core values help us follow these guides to serve you with dignity and respect. We will:

  • treat you with compassion and non-judgment.

  • make therapy more accessible for people in Alberta.

  • strive for excellence and high-quality online therapy.

  • offer whole person care - mind, body, emotion & identities.

  • do good in our community with socially conscious service.

And we want to hear from you if we can do better!

Our therapists are open to your feedback because we want to help in a way that works for you. Please connect with one of our therapists if you had a past therapy experience that was not good or helpful. It doesn't have to feel that way.


Please contact our owner if your experience with Therapy Alberta was not good or not helpful.

We come together because we value relationships.

Our clients trust us because we show up as humans – imperfect and equal, but passionate and caring.

We see your whole person – mind, body, emotion and identities. How you respond now makes sense when you consider the whole picture, including your past and present relationships. No one develops alone without the influence of other people, culture, society, and history, so of course we need help learning to grow in new ways.


That's why we're here for you.

A good therapist helps you feel confident moving forward, and more at ease even when you're working on hard things. Our therapists support you to safely sort through your struggles, strengthen what works for you, and let go of what doesn’t. 

We empower you, as the expert of your life, to find your way forward and meet your goals.

We each bring a wealth of education and training to best serve clients in our unique specialties. We have different lived experiences and offer counselling in English, Korean, and Swahili. We are building a diverse team of great therapists to help you.

Online counselling also allows us to do our best work. 

We offer online therapy because it's good for us and good for you.


Our therapists love online counselling because we can show up as our best selves and increase access to good therapists for more people, wherever they live in Alberta.

You'll love online therapy if you are:

  • a little nervous about going to therapy

  • most comfortable in your own space

  • choosing a therapist based on your preferences

  • okay skipping the drive and physical meeting

We build great relationships online.


We offer convenient and private therapy to help adults and teens with individual, couples, and family counselling services. We kindly invite you to take this part of your journey together with us.

Connect with one of our compassionate therapists and see how we can help you feel more clear, calm, and confident.

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