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Transforming Mental Healthcare.

Welcome. We are a diverse team of Alberta-based therapists committed to improving mental health using technology to connect all individuals and communities to the mental healthcare they deserve.

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Can Therapy Help Me?

Yes, therapy can help. Whoever you are, whatever your struggle, there is hope.


We know you're hurting, and we know it's lonely holding that pain. You don't have to do this alone anymore. 


We serve individuals, families, and couples who:


  • feel sad, overwhelmed, disconnected, worried, irritable, ashamed, unmotivated or numb

  • are experiencing racing or intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, dissociation or trouble sleeping

  • are facing stressors or oppression related to their culture, social group, or identity

  • have witnessed or faced trauma, physical and sexual assault, domestic violence or abuse

  • have anxiety, depression, stress, grief, family conflict, PTSD, substance use, anger or self harm

  • are disrupted by the effects or changes caused by COVID or the pandemic response

  • have pain, distress, or injury from a motor vehicle accident or other medical condition

  • notice difficulties in relationships or at home, school, work or in the community 

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Is Therapy Effective?

You can't just talk your way out of trauma.

Maybe you're brand new to therapy, or maybe you've tried it once or a dozen times. Either way, we're here to offer you something different. We recognize you can't talk your way out of trauma. Abuse, neglect, grief, pain, and injury impact our brains and bodies in ways that can linger for decades. You need a new experience that integrates mind, body, and emotion to help you find safety and trust so you can feel and heal your way forward.


We empower clients to learn and grow using an attachment approach that encourages transformation through relational safety. We incorporate our knowledge of neurobiology and development to help you understand what you are experiencing, why it is happening, and support you in how to change.


When you are safe enough to connect with your body and feelings, we can process and release what's holding you back, freeing you to live from a regulated place based on preference, not fear. Together we can enable your body and mind to heal and promote your overall health and well-being. It is possible to feel better, move forward, engage in healthy relationships, and thrive instead of just survive.


Finding a Good Therapist

A good therapist for you is one who helps you feel at ease, who you connect with, and who helps you make changes.

Here at Therapy Alberta, we get what it is like to be a client, because we have all been clients. We’re human, and we need help too. It is okay to need help. It is okay to talk to someone. It is okay to talk to a therapist. 


Our mental health therapy centers around compassionate care with empathy and non-judgment, creating a safe space for discovery and expression. We want you to feel comfortable talking about anything and everything; we offer you a secure place to be seen, heard, believed, and encouraged. We connect with you in a collaborative, respectful, and dignified process of growth. Whether you are struggling with a new or ongoing problem, we believe everyone can get help.


We offer trauma-sensitive virtual therapy ensuring your safety, convenience, and comfort. With exclusively virtual services through phone or video counselling, any person in Alberta can connect with us and build a relationship where we share space with ease and privacy. You show up at a time that is convenient, in a place that is familiar, with privacy and no travel time. There can be continuity of care when you travel or work away from home.


If you want to restore your mental, emotional or physical health, reach out and connect with us today!

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